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Mini flash tutorial released!

2008-07-21 05:42:22 by wormsfans

I make MINI flash tutorial! Have fun!

I make worms cartoon!

2008-07-20 12:39:51 by wormsfans

This is not end of my account! I make worms cartoon, more cartoons in soon time.


2008-07-04 08:10:22 by wormsfans

I don't make Super Mario Bloopers part 3, I haven't got a time :(

Sorry for all!

Super Mario Bloopers videos

2008-06-30 11:07:18 by wormsfans

I make in my channel mario bloopers. Scenes in versions:

SMB P1 - 3 scenes
SMB P2 - 4 scenes
SMB P3 - 8 scenes

I will make super mario bloopers part 1 and 2!